Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Ode to Immortality

“2,000 miles have been wiped clean
With tears seeping from one million feet.
2,000 miles have been littered
With dead souls no one claims their own.”

News flutters achingly…just a broken bird on my porch,
Begging an invitation to a much warmer home.
Morning breezes whisper of wondrous change
But fear is paralytic …and the tea just keeps boiling over…

Noor screams, ‘Sita!’ as her life wastes down the phone line
‘Let the infidels burn!' Death rattles at her door
Agnis’ wrath embraces her in a kind afterthought
As he weds her in orgasmic style.
‘Life must go on. Live you must’ and so you pass the dead baby - slit wide open
breathing in rotting stench, vomit and death.

But the railway crossing takes more than a lifetime
Time to celebrate the existence of your nails and toes.
Time to rejoice the music of ancient tunes
That speaks of love, and nothing of the hate.

I breathe in the last of freedoms’ air.
I touch my face for comfort in immortality
Before Death and Life come face-to-face.

My life is rushing past… in a blinding moment I am but a child
My mothers voice was the sweetest thing
Before Death roared in glee as he finally found me

Shame, rage, anger, you will have none left to call your own.
Begging for existence is not worth it anymore
And as they tear you from limb to limb
Your invaluable rictus will make it an Oscar winning film…


The weekend has left me shell shocked.
The anger is understandable but our apathy is not.
When will Indians quit trying to bell the cat after its entered and massacred with impunity! Terror has no face, no name, no religion and definitely no shame...the only way you and I can leave our children a world that is stable is to make our actions speak louder than our words. And this time the wound is far deeper because it has struck the heart of elite Mumbai. It's no longer tea vendors and rickshawallas getting blown to bits and then gone with the wind...perhaps thats why many of us are finally waking up to the horrible reality of terror in our coffee shops.
Enough of lighting candles, holding vigils, handing roses, writing, ranting and raving about every drop of blood spilt!!! The Indian Forces will not be magically reinforced if all that we do is expect them to step into the line of fire everytime you step out for a fancy dinner with your convent educated kid. Step forward, protect your country and your loved ones by actually putting yourself in their boots. Let's voluntarily do what North Korea does, draw up a yearlong military program where our children learn discipline, respect and a true bond with the nation. Let your child join the Forces, the Police, the Paramiliatry...and contribute to securing our nation in any way they can besides becoming a model, designer or filmstar. Of course all this must come from within because unfortunately, we are a Democracy. Many say we must approach Terrorism like our forefathers, with peace and hope.
But times have changed, and History must be written in a different ink. In ink that is not stained with the blood of bravehearts who fought a valiant battle in vain, but a new colour that pulses with the power of a awakened youth who is willing to go to any lengths to banish the Darkness that has consumed our nation.....

PS: I know what it feels like to kiss your father goodbye not knowing whether he will ever return, my dad was in the army posted at India's borders. Growing up all I ever wanted to become and sadly never could, was a army officer. Today, my daughter all of 14 years, is determined to join the Indian Intelligence, this is the promise she has made to herself and hopes that her friends will follow.