Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Ode to Immortality

“2,000 miles have been wiped clean
With tears seeping from one million feet.
2,000 miles have been littered
With dead souls no one claims their own.”

News flutters achingly…just a broken bird on my porch,
Begging an invitation to a much warmer home.
Morning breezes whisper of wondrous change
But fear is paralytic …and the tea just keeps boiling over…

Noor screams, ‘Sita!’ as her life wastes down the phone line
‘Let the infidels burn!' Death rattles at her door
Agnis’ wrath embraces her in a kind afterthought
As he weds her in orgasmic style.
‘Life must go on. Live you must’ and so you pass the dead baby - slit wide open
breathing in rotting stench, vomit and death.

But the railway crossing takes more than a lifetime
Time to celebrate the existence of your nails and toes.
Time to rejoice the music of ancient tunes
That speaks of love, and nothing of the hate.

I breathe in the last of freedoms’ air.
I touch my face for comfort in immortality
Before Death and Life come face-to-face.

My life is rushing past… in a blinding moment I am but a child
My mothers voice was the sweetest thing
Before Death roared in glee as he finally found me

Shame, rage, anger, you will have none left to call your own.
Begging for existence is not worth it anymore
And as they tear you from limb to limb
Your invaluable rictus will make it an Oscar winning film…

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